What To Expect During An Eye Injection at Allied Eye

Apr 29, 2021


If you’ve been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), you may have been alarmed to hear that your best treatment option is to have medication injected directly into the eye. While it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous at the thought of eye injections, they—like many medical procedures—sound much worse than they actually are.

If you are worried about having eye injections to treat your AMD, Dr. Matzkin would like to reassure you that it’s a painless procedure. It also helps to understand why eye injections are so useful for treating AMD. Keep reading to find out what the procedure involves, then hear what other patients have to say about their experience.

Why Eye Injections?

Many AMD drugs must be injected to work effectively. Dr. Matzkin will explain the specific medication you need and how it can help. Most medication used to treat AMD works by reducing proteins that contribute to macular degeneration. They must be injected on a regular basis to stabilize or improve your condition.

How Eye Injections are Administered

Our staff is committed to making your eye injection experience as easy as possible. What happens at your first eye injection appointment?

  • After you’re comfortable in the treatment chair, you’ll be given eye drops that numb the eye.
  • Next, your eye will be cleaned with an eye drop solution of sterile water and bernadine. 
  • Occasionally, a small device may be placed on the eye to keep your eyelids open.
  • Lastly, Dr. Matzkin will use a very thin needle to inject the medication into the white part of your eye.

The procedure is over in just a few seconds—and you’ll probably never see the needle itself!

What Our Patients Have to Say About AMD Eye Injections

Now that you know the basic steps, listen to what actual patients have said after receiving eye injections at Allied Eye:

It’s painless!

“I've been receiving eye injections at Allied Eye for two years now. It's a wonderful and easy process. I know it can sound scary, but there is zero pain because of the numbing drops. The only sensation you feel is a small amount of pressure. I can now seldom wear glasses because the injections have maintained my vision. I would recommend getting eye injections by Dr. Matzkin and his staff.” -John Kleine (Wet AMD injections)

It’s quick!

“I've been getting eye injections for two years. The whole process is a breeze. I don't feel any pinches, or pain. I really just feel pressure building up around my eye but Dr. Matzkin says that's normal. I'm grateful that I can receive these eye injections to keep my vision healthy.  I'm glad I don't have to worry about my eye care. Allied Eye is the best!” -Karen Hubby (Wet AMD Injections)

It’s low-stress!

“I get eye injections every three months. I'm more than satisfied with the process. Staff is courteous, coordinated, and professional. I never feel nervous with their doctors and staff. They make my eye injections a pleasant experience.” -Thomas Rusk (Dry AMD injections)

It helps!

“In 2014, Dr. Matzkin told me that the vessels in my eyes are very fragile. If I go more than one month without my eye injections, my vision gets blurry, hazy, and my eyes start to bleed. The first time Dr. Matzkin told me I would need eye injections, I was hesitant and scared. When injection day came around Dr. Matzkin and staff made me feel comfortable. The entire process took a matter of minutes and I didn't feel any pain—just some pressure. It's amazing! I'm glad I found an eye doctor that I can trust with injecting my eyes.” -Merley Richards (Wet AMD injections) 

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