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I've been dependent on reading glasses for many years. I couldn't function at my job or in daily life without keeping my dollar store readers nearby at all times. Progressive glasses never worked for me because of multiple neck surgeries that limited my neck movement. When Dr. Matzkin told me about the multi-focal lens implants I was so happy. My wife and I both had the surgery and the whole process was so easy. I can finally see! I would recommend Allied Eye to anyone! 

Tyler Murdoch

January 2022

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I am so pleased with my eyesight after my multi-focal cataract surgery with Dr. Matzkin. I told my coworkers I was off to see "The Wonderful Wizard of Eyes" because what he did was magic! I can now see clearly to drive and read without glasses. The surgery was so easy. The staff was fantastic and so professional. I tell everyone I know to go see Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye. 

Hugh Harstin

February 2022

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I just love Dr. Matzkin. He is so gentle, fast, and kind. I was so anxious about my surgery and he put my mind at ease. I feel like a new person. I can see again! I wish I could think of more adjectives to describe how wonderful I think he is. I receommend him to everyone. 

Patricia Reile

March 2022

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I've been wearing glasses for over 10 years. Within the last few months, glasses weren't helping anymore. All I could see were figures & shapes but I couldn't make out anything in great detail. So I found Allied Eye and made an appointment. Dr. Matzkin told me that I needed cataract surgery with the Multi-Focal Lens Implants.

I followed his recommendation and now my vision has never been so clear. I can really see colors, more vibrancy, and my vision is sharp. Thank you for getting me out of my glasses, Dr. Matzkin. You've improved my life greatly!

Silvia Ramirez

October 2021

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I had a thick film over my eyes that disabled me from driving at night, sewing, and reading fine print. I knew I needed to see an Ophthalmologist so I found Allied Eye and scheduled a new patient appointment. At my eye exam, Dr. Matzkin told me that I had cataracts and discussed eye surgery with Multifocal Lens Implants.

I agreed to the surgery and I’m so glad I did. I’m a couple months post-op and I can say that I’ve never seen this well in my entire life. I immediately had clear eyesight and am still experiencing the brightest, most colorful, and sharpest vision possible.

If it hadn't been for Dr. Matzkin, I would have lost my eyes. He may have even saved my life, and thanks to him, we found the blocked artery. But he definitely saved my eyesight.

I think the world of him and I always will.

Margaret Gallaty

September 2021

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From my first visit to today, everything has been phenomenal. After my cataract surgery with the Multi-Focal Lens Implants, I can now read the finest print. It makes my job at my computer so much easier. Plus, I don't get anymore headaches from eye-straining.

I love Dr. Matzkin and I will continue to be a patient of his. The surgery is WORTH IT.

Edna Varner

August 2021

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I’m 74 and am seeing 20/20. That is surreal to type out. I can read the smallest, finest print! Everything was a blur before my cataract surgery and now I have no trouble at all with my vision. Along with the blurriness, I had severe halos that I wanted to get rid of as well. I expressed my concerns with Dr. Matzkin and he informed me that my cataracts were ready to come out. When the surgery date rolled around, I was nervous but Dr. Matzkin and the staff at the surgery center reassured me and made me feel calm. I was surprised that the procedure went as quickly as it did. I was in and out in under 10 minutes and I have the ability to see clearly. I’m relieved that I can now fully enjoy playing the piano, needlepointing, and writing music. My life has improved dramatically. I’ve already scheduled an appointment for a Blepharoplasty with Dr. Matzkin and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t recommend Allied Eye enough!

Dolly Robinson

April 2021

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I was blind without my contacts. I’ve been wearing glasses for 35+ years and towards the end of my poor vision, I was having to wear both glasses and contacts. I got the Cataract Surgery with the Multi-Focal lens and I can see better than any glasses or contacts allowed me. This is the best my vision has ever been. The premium lens is worth the extra cost. I feel like now I have no limitations to my vision and that I can finally enjoy my hobbies. I’m an avid shooter, so now I can hit the target. I also enjoy home improvement and can read my measuring tape. All because of Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye. It’s surreal how colorful and vibrant the world is. The eyedrops after the quick procedure are more annoying than the actual surgery. I recommend this surgery, doctor, and practice to everyone! I love seeing clearly.

Daniel Glecier

April 2021

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My vision before my Cataract surgery was terrible. There was a hazy shade that appeared in my right eye a couple of years ago and then in my left around nine months ago. I’ve been a patient at Allied Eye ever since Dr. Matzkin took over the practice in 2013. When I first experienced this hazy shade in my eyes, I knew I had to consult with my ophthalmologist. When I visited Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye, the entire staff greeted me with professionalism, kindness, and seemed very concerned with my vision. It made me feel like I was in the right hands. After my eyes were examined, Dr. Matzkin informed me that I would need Cataract surgery in the near future. After all of my questions were answered, I was then sent to Allied Eye’s surgery scheduler, Valerie, to discuss details. After speaking with Dr. Matzkin and Valerie, I decided to go through with the Cataract procedure with the Multi-Focal Lens. I made the absolute best decision. The surgery was under 10 minutes, painless, and now I have the most clear vision in my life. I can now get rid of the glasses I’ve been wearing for 40+ years. My life has changed, my bowling game has improved, and my quality of life has increased dramatically. Thank you Dr. Matzkin and the staff at Allied Eye. I love you all!

Rhona Carden Garner

March 2021

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I’ve been wearing glasses since 1993. Everything was always so blurry and unfocused. I couldn’t see anything if I didn’t have my trifocals nearby. I knew I needed to do something because my vision was only getting worse. I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Matzkin and that I can TRUST him. After our initial appointment, I knew I found the right doctor/facility and scheduled my cataract procedure with the multifocal implants. The surgery went smoothly. Dr. Matzkin talked me through it and had the best bedside manner. I felt safe and reassured. Within a matter of 10 minutes, I no longer needed my glasses anymore. I was seeing clear straight away. Post operative instructions were simple and easy to follow. I’ve already recommended Allied Eye to multiple people. I’m amazed at the fact that I no longer need to rely on glasses and how easy the overall process was.

Alreda Troy

March 2021

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When I first found Allied Eye, I was legally blind. I was having to do EVERYTHING in my prescription glasses (showering, swimming, you name it). I’ve been wearing glasses since I was around six years old, (around 70 years) and contacts for the last couple of years. I was ready to start seeing clear and start fully living. I had the Cataract procedure with Dr. Matzkin at the surgery center on January 21st, 2021. Within a matter of minutes, I could see close up and distance without glasses. This took me a minute to process and register that I was already seeing that clear so quickly. I am so satisfied! I do have a slight halo but am confident that it will improve with time. I didn’t experience any other complications at all. I can now drive at night which is such a big relief! Dr. Matzkin and his staff are all professional, caring, and do such a great job. I’m going to be a patient for life!

Linda Borrero

March 2021

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The premium lenses are worth it. The reason I came into Allied Eye was because I was driving one night while it was raining. I quickly became worrisome as it was getting very difficult to see where I was going. I didn’t want to limit myself to only drive during the day so I decided to make an appointment with my ophthalmologist, Dr. Matzkin. I’ve been wearing glasses for 30 years so a trip to the eye doctor was quite frequent for me. Dr. Matzkin informed me that the progression of my cataracts grew worse since my last visit. I decided to book the Cataract surgery with the multifocal lens so I can live my active lifestyle without glasses. Dr. Matzkin did a superb job! It’s been one week since my procedure and I am absolutely amazed that I can read the finest print of my newspaper. I’m also really impressed by the staff’s commitment to a clean and sanitized office. When I made my Cataract consultation appointment, I asked the front desk what Allied Eye’s COVID-19 procedures were, and after the woman on the phone told me, she asked, “Now what are you going to do to keep us safe?” I appreciated that so much and knew that this office is run efficiently and with the thought of the patient first. I’ll always be a patient here. Thank you Dr. Matzkin and team for changing my life.  
Franklin McCallie

February 2021

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I was experiencing extreme blurry vision in my right eye for a few weeks. I was referred to see Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye by my eye doctor (Professional Eye Care Associates) in Dalton, GA because they didn’t take my insurance. 

I’ve had such a pleasant experience with Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye! From the moment I first met him, he was professional, friendly, easy-going, and seemed very concerned about patient care. I knew when I met him that I was going to like him! Dr. Matzkin told me that in order to correct my blurry vision in my right eye, that I was going to need cataract surgery. I was reluctant at first because I wasn’t sure on what to expect from this new doctor, but I sat down with my husband and sister and did lots of research on Dr. Matzkin & Allied Eye. Their testimonials on their Google page and the videos on their website determined my decision to go through with cataract surgery. I’m thrilled that I made the decision to have the surgery because I LOVE my new vision. I can read without glasses and everything is so crisp and clear. It’s unbelievable! The surgery wasn’t bad at all either, I wasn’t nervous because I watched other people’s experiences through the videos on Allied eye’s website. I knew what to expect. 

I’ve already referred my husband and my mother-in-law to go see Dr. Matzkin and the staff at Allied Eye. This was truly an amazing experience. Thank you for giving me my sight back, Dr. Matzkin. I would also like to thank Michelle for being such a great ophthalmic technician! She was knowledgeable and personable. I can’t wait to see her when I go back!

Sharon Ransom

August 2020

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I’ve had poor vision my entire life. I started out with contacts and wore those for 40 years then switched to bifocals for up close and reading for the past 20 years. (I’m 73 yo). The vision in my right eye was pretty good with glasses but when I went to visit Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye, he told me that I had a cataract forming in this eye. This cataract caused the vision in my right eye to become foggy and hazy. Because of this, I was reading only out of my left eye. Dr. Matzkin explained to me that he can do a customized cataract surgery which would allow me to have clear vision while reading and have clear vision for distance.  I took time to think the surgery over. I discussed with family and friends and after a few appointments, I decided to proceed with cataract surgery. 

I’m so glad I chose to have the surgery. I am over-the-moon happy with my results. I received two standard cataract lens. The lens in my right eye is meant for distance and the corrective lens in my left eye is meant for up-close and reading purposes. I’m now able to read easier than ever, and still see distance thanks to my doctor, Dr. Matzkin.  I was so tired of wearing glasses and not being able to fully enjoy my hobby of reading because I was always looking for my glasses. But now, I’m able to do everything and more without the help of glasses. I would recommend Allied Eye to everyone! 10/10! I’ve never been happier. 

Daniel Coleman

August 2020

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When I came to Allied Eye, I was legally blind in my left eye. I couldn’t see my left hand if I held it up to my eye it was that bad. Dr. Matzkin explained to me that I had cataracts in both eyes for the past year. I told him that I experienced vision loss for 90 days and he said it was due to the progression of my cataracts. Dr. Matzkin recommended cataract surgery and I was fully on board. I already read up on his work on his website/referral sites, and I watched too many testimonial videos to count. I was so tired of not being able to see properly so I was ready for this surgery! I tried to schedule my surgery but I couldn’t because when my vision loss first occurred, COVID-19 was in it’s beginning stages. No surgeries were being scheduled so I had to wait… this was not fun. I was wearing reading glasses for everyday tasks and I was staying off the roads because my vision was so terrible. When the surgery center opened back up, I received a call from Allied Eye to schedule my surgery and I was jumping for JOY. Finally... I was going to get my eyes fixed! 

The day of, Dr. Matzkin explained the entire surgery to me in detail and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He is a truly terrific doctor! I was in-and-out in under an hour and I could start seeing the very next day. I now have 20/20 vision, I don’t rely on glasses, and I’m happier than ever. I can drive again, I can play golf, and I can now wake up and SEE! It was a great and pleasant process.

I love Dr. Matzkin and the staff at Allied Eye. I would be their spokesperson if I could. I’m from New York city and Allied Eye is run as efficient and professional as doctor offices up north. It’s that good.On the plus side, it is a very clean office. They are following proper COVID-19 protocols which makes me feel safe. I’ve already referred two people to  Allied Eye/Dr. Matzkin because I’m so pleased with their office and my  results. I’m thankful to be a patient here!

Robert Amico

August 2020

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Dad had cataract surgery with Dr. Matzkin. At Dad's post op appointment, Dr. asked Dad how his vision was doing. Dad said, "Great! Now if I could just get my leg fixed." Dr. Matzkin immediately started asking questions and seemed very concerned, unlike many doctors we've been to. Dr. Matzkin also noticed when Dad would look straight, his eyes wouldn't turn when he'd move his head. Dr. Matzkin thought this could've been a mini stroke or Parkinson's and ordered a MRI & MRA immediately at Memorial. Tests came back that nothing was wrong but we knew that wasn't right. We looked for another opinion because my father started losing complete feeling in his leg. Once we found a vascular surgeon, he ordered an ultrasound and saw the 90% blockage in his leg. We scheduled Dad his surgery immediately. After the surgery, Dad woke up and said "I can feel my leg again. Please let me get up and walk on it." We were in and out of the hospital the very next day. Dad has been so tough throughout the whole process. He never had pain medicine afterwards. He's still working outside mowing 3 lawns daily, and he is still hopping around town. It's been over a week since the surgery, and Dad hasn't had any infection and still has circulation in his leg/foot. 

What stood out to me was Dr. Matzkin's attentiveness. I couldn't tell you how many doctors have told us "You need to have your family doctor do this.." or "You should do this". Dr. Matzkin noticed something was wrong and took ACTION right then and there. Instead of saying "You should..." Dr. Matzkin said, "I'm going to order this test for you." Dr. Matzkin took that next step and we are forever grateful. He saved my Dad's life.

Lisa Bishop

June 2020

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I’ve had many issues revolving around my vision for years. A while ago, I received LASIK in both eyes. I still needed reading glasses after the procedure but that was fine as long as I could see better. A few years passed, and I noticed my vision rapidly declining. I wanted to keep an open mind on treatment options and so I decided to call another Ophthalmologist in the area. (Not Dr. Matzkin). I proceeded with this other Ophthalmologist and had the mono-focal lens implanted. After the surgery, I couldn’t see anything near me. Days... and months passed and I could only see objects that were far away. If something was near me, my vision would be blurry and fuzzy. I was devastated about my eyes. I went 3 months like this before I saw Dr. Matzkin. I wish I would have seen him sooner! When I walked into Allied Eye, the staff was very warm and inviting. I didn’t experience any long/unnecessary wait times and I saw Dr. Matzkin very quickly. Dr. Matzkin listened to my needs and looked over my medical history to determine the best course of treatment. Together, we decided that I needed the PanOptix Multi-focal lens implants. I am so happy with my improved vision! I can finally see in years. I can do my job again. I can see my computer screen. Everything is crystal clear. The recovery was quick and I felt safe in Dr.’s hands. Dr. Matzkin even texted me after surgery to check up on me… I’ve never heard of a doctor doing that! I work in Erlanger Health Systems and I can see why Dr. Matzkin is referred too a lot. Awesome service! I’m so thankful for Dr. Matzkin, his team, and the surgery center. I wish I would've seen Dr. Matzkin sooner… he would have saved me from an unnecessary mono-focal procedure, $5,000, 3 months of blurry aggravation, and years of poor vision.

Amy F.

June 2020

I have dealt with eye problems since I was 17 years old. I live with chronic headaches and have lost my peripheral vision in both eyes over the years. Dr. Matzkin ordered a MRI and  found the issue with my headaches. I finally have relief after over 10 years dealing with this. I highly recommend this amazing place and the people that work there.

Melea Peels

September 2019

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My sister had cataract surgery with Dr. Matzkin (and loved it) so I decided to schedule an appointment. I was looking for a new eye doctor anyways, so I thought I’d give Allied Eye a try. My goddaughter, Riannon, also works there at the front desk. She has said amazing things about Dr. Matzkin so I had high expectations. Making that appointment with Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye was the best decision I could have EVER made! Dr. Matzkin really took his time with me. He was extremely thorough (I actually can’t believe how thorough he was. I’ve never had a doctor show so much care/concern). I had a great appointment and discussion with Dr. Matzkin and his team so I decided to schedule my cataract surgery. The surgery was one of the best things I could've done. It was quick, painless, and I have my vision back like I did in my 20’s.  I had zero complications post op and I was seeing normally the very next day. I’ve never felt so amazing! Before, my eyes were droopy and everything would be blurry but now I can see so clearly. My whole world has changed. I’ve never been so happy. Dr. Matzkin is the BEST eye doctor in Chattanooga! Period!

Beth Staten

June 2020

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Dr. Matzkin and I had done a little dance, around the progression of my cataracts. I kept putting off doing something and Dr. Matzkin was patient with my procrastination. You see, I have a lazy eye, and I was reluctant to jeopardize the vision in my one "good" eye. Finally, driving at night became more and more interesting. So, finally, I relented.

The surgery was simple, fast, and stress-free.

There was a huge bonus to the procedure... my vision was dramatically improved. I had worn glasses since I was two years old. My prescription was so strong, my nickname in college was CB (Coke Bottle) for the thickness of my lens.

I can read without my glasses now. I work on my laptop easy-peezy. I still have an astigmatism, which will make glasses necessary.... but, WOW! Thank you, Dr. Matzkin! You were right. I'm glad we did it.

Zane Power

March 2020

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Dr. Matzkin and his office team are caring, compassionate, friendly, and always willing to help. Anytime I've had a problem, Dr. Matzkin has gladly worked me in and has personally gone above & beyond in helping me. His staff is simply amazing. I have never been treated as well as I have at any other office like I have at Allied Eye.

I would highly recommend Dr. Matzkin to anyone having eye problems. Allied Eye is the only place I will be going for eye treatment. Thanks for all you do, Dr. Matzkin & staff.

You all are the best!

Karri Ward

March 2020

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I was told by two different eye doctors that I needed cataract surgery. Thank goodness I knew which Doctor to call. My wife had cataract surgery before me with Dr. Matzkin. She was ecstatic about her results so I decided to go with him as well. Let me tell you, I am very pleased with my new and improved vision! Dr. Matzkin is efficient, clean, thorough, and is all around amazing!

Dr. Matzkin was able to give me my dream of being a flight instructor again. I had to pause being a flight instructor due to my cataracts. He gave me my love for flying back! I never thought I’d be able to fly solo again. Thank you, Dr. Matzkin, for giving me the ability to do what I love. It feels amazing to have clear vision. Plus, I never have to wear glasses now.

The procedures were quick, easy, painless, and worth every penny. There were no problems, concerns, or complications. Dr. Matzkin wanted to try the new PanOptix Multi-Focal Lenses and I said great! I knew I was in good hands. I have complete trust in my eye doctor. For both eyes, recovery times were quick. When I had my right eye done, I was able to see clearly by that same evening. Also, each night of my surgery, Dr. Matzkin sent me a follow up text to see how I was doing. I’ve never had a doctor reach out after hours to check up on a patient. WOW! 5 stars.

Robert Taylor

June 2020

 Dear Dr. Matzkin,
I just wanted to send an email to let you know how happy I am with my vision. In October 2016 I decided to get the 2L Multifocal lenses in both eyes. At first, I was really afraid I had made a mistake. I saw halos around lights at night when I drove. It was distracting. I was told upfront about them so I didn't call you, this lasted maybe about 6 months. I was concerned about floaters, there wasn't many, and also about flashes of light in my peripheral vision. I called and came in to see you about them. You reassured me. To be honest, I was still concerned.  It was just getting better so gradual that I didn't even notice. I haven't had ANY issues for well over year now. So, I want to thank you for my vision! I see great and I love not wearing glasses for many reasons. Not just because of the way it made me look but because it makes my job safer not wearing glasses. I appreciate your encouragement and your expertise.
Blessed to see,
Diana Halverson

November 2019

Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye is the absolute BEST.  He is throughout, precise, and he knows his stuff! I know I’m in trusted hands with him. I’ve been a patient at Allied Eye for many years… Dr. Matzkin and his staff never fail to impress me. I’ve especially been impressed with his team because I recently had cataract surgery. The care I’ve received from Dr. Matzkin and his staff have been phenomenal. I received a text from Dr. Matzkin the night after my surgery just so he could check up on me. That is next-level care. Everyone here is so sweet and I can tell that they truly care about me! It’s a well-trained office and they are all so considerate. I love being a patient here… and I love my new vision!

Rovenia Anne Avery

June 2020

Before coming to Allied Eye, I was experiencing a lazy eye in my left eye. Before my surgery, I wasn’t even able to wear reading glasses because if I did, I would only be able to see out of my left eye but not my right. The vision in both of my eyes were completely opposite to each other. I could only see big letters on documents, I didn't feel safe driving at night, and I couldn’t even put my makeup on. This was all because of my poor vision. Fast forward to now and my vision has never been THIS good. I’m internally so thankful to Allied Eye, Dr. Matzkin, & his team. They all made me feel comfortable, confident, and made me feel well taken care of. The surgery was quick, painless, and the recovery time was only a few days. It was incredibly easy to care for and I knew I wasn’t alone either. The night after my surgery, Dr. Matzkin texted me & asked how I was feeling. That was such a reassuring feeling knowing that your doctor checks up on you after work hours. I felt very special! My vision is fantastic now. I can read all size fonts and finally do my makeup! Both of my eyes work in harmony together now and I couldn’t be happier. I love Dr. Matzkin and this office! I couldn’t say anything more about Allied Eye. I’m so glad I’m a patient here. I’ve enjoyed my experience here so much that I recommended Allied Eye to my sister, Kim. She is now a patient here and LOVES it. Thanks for giving me my vision back, Dr. Matzkin!!

Gwenetta West

July 2020

I was referred by my Neurologist to visit Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye. At the time, I was experiencing excruciating headaches and loss of vision so I scheduled an appointment with my Neurologist. My Neurologist referred me to Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye. I told Dr. Matzkin that I wasn’t able to see at all without my progressive glasses. I couldn’t see to do the activities I enjoyed, like sewing. I also explained my headaches to him as well. He made me feel reassured that he would help me resolve my vision and headache issues. Dr. Matzkin & I went over our options and we decided that I would have cataract surgery with the Multifocal Lens Implants. The surgery was a piece of cake. I’ve had cancers, a hysterectomy, and this was by far the easiest surgery I had to have. I was in and out quickly, the procedure was painless, and the recovery time wasn’t long at all. My vision after surgery is incredible. I went from wearing progressive lenses 24/7 to now nothing! It’s a dream come true. My headaches are also gone!I haven’t had to take any pain management pills for headaches and that feels so good to say!  I’m so thankful that my Neurologist recommended Allied Eye to me. Thank you Dr. Matzkin and staff! I will be a lifelong patient!

Patricia Whitton

July 2020

For the past 2 years, I’ve been experiencing difficulty with my peripheral vision. It was extremely blurry and spotty. In conjunction with my blurry vision, my eyelids were drooping over my pupils. By the end of the day, my eyes would be so heavy from my lids. I wasn’t able to drive, or even walk that well. My vision held me back from doing what I love too, which is reading. After speaking with my husband, we decided it was time for me to go to the best Ophthalmologist in town, Dr. Dennis Matzkin MD. Dr. Matzkin made me feel at ease. He answered all of my questions clearly and is the most thorough doctor I've ever experienced. I felt that he really took his time with me and made me feel like I was his only patient for the day. After going over our options, I decided to have the Brow Lift with Blepharoplasty. The day of the surgery was full of nerves but Dr. Matzkin reassured me and talked me through the whole procedure. I knew I was in great hands with him. I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort during or after the surgery. All I needed was one tylenol for two nights. I now have no peripheral vision issues. No blurriness, spots, or sagging eyelids. My vision has never been this clear and the process to get to this clear vision was simple. I would highly recommend Allied Eye to all of my friends and family! The doctor is the best, the techs are fabolous, the front desk is friendly, the office is clean and inviting, and the COVID-19 protocols put in place made me feel safe. I love it here!

Janet Ryan

JULY 2020

It took me many years to decide to have LASIK. Now, like everyone I know who had it done, I wonder why I didn't do it years ago. The pre- and post-procedure check-ups were professional and all of my questions were answered truthfully and with patience. I love Dr. Matzkin and everyone who works there. The entire process was problem free and being able to see clearly all the time is a constant joy. My experience couldn't have been better.

Perhaps my highest compliment is that I recommended them to my brother and my dearest friend. Raising a four year old boy and counting on them to help, I definitely need them both healthy and very sharp-sighted!

Amy Carter

Daughter of President Carter

I’ve experienced dry eyes for as long as I can remember. The irritation, redness, and itchiness associated with dry eyes is what I would go through every day. I relied heavily on over-the-counter eye drops. I would have to put multiple drops in every few hours. If I didn’t, the conjunctival lining in my eyes would feel like sandpaper everytime I blinked. My sister was diagnosed with glaucoma a few years ago and recommended that I go see Dr. Matzkin at Allied Eye for my issues. My sister loves him so I thought I’d give him a try too! Since I first met Dr. Matzkin, he has always been so thorough and on top of his game. He examined me and listened to me. He explained that I had conjunctivochalasis and described the conjunctivoplasty procedure in a clear, easy-to-understand way. We decided that this surgery would be my best option. 

Even though Dr. Matzkin kept reassuring me, I was nervous for the procedure. I wouldn’t recommend going home and searching conjunctivoplasty procedures on YouTube. The videos only frightened me! A laser in my eye? That is scary! The day of the surgery, Dr. Matzkin was attentive and made me feel calm. The surgery was only 5-10 minutes and I didn’t feel any discomfort. Recovery wasn’t bad at all. I did experience uncomfort the day after surgery but it didn’t bother me much and resolved itself the day after. In a couple of weeks, I was ready for the next eye’s procedure and I wasn't nervous at all! Now both of my eyes are corrected and I never have to experience dry eyes ever again. I can see so much better while driving and my eyes are no longer irritated when I’m on the computer all day at work. I couldn’t say anything better about Allied Eye. Dr. Matzkin was the best to work with and I’m forever grateful he gave me my eyes back.

Annette Daniell

JULY 2020

I am pleased to write this wonderful story about Dennis Matzkin, M.D and tell you how he changed my life forever in January 2012. Dr. Matzkin was a physician in Atlanta, where I was hired as his front desk receptionist. Little did I know when I accepted the job how blind I actually was! Part of working for a team of optometrists and ophthalmologists is that I got a complimentary eye exam. I knew my vision had been fading over the past year or so, but just thought I needed a new prescription. I could not see the television at all without sitting extremely close to it. I could no longer read small print or insurance cards and driver’s license. Also, I had completely gotten to the point where I would no longer drive at night because I could not see where I was going to get home or anywhere else. I also had to rely on my 10 year-old daughter and 6-year-old son to help me read signs when I was driving. At the time, I was only 39 years old, so having cataracts never crossed my mind.

Shortly after starting to work for Dr. Matzkin I realized that I was struggling to do my job. I was completely in shock when I was told that I was “legally blind”. I had cataracts in both eyes that had severely affected my vision. Dr. Matzkin immediately put it into action for me to have cataract surgery. We had extensive conversations along with checking my vision over and over again to decide which lens would be best for me. We decided on the multifocal lens, and I was set up for surgery the following week. As per protocol, only one eye was operated on at a time, and then the following eye was set up for the next week. Immediately after surgery on my first eye I was completely amazed at how much I could see and how vibrant colors were. Dr. Matzkin followed with the second eye the following week, and then I was really amazed at how well I could see!

I had to have LASIK one month after my surgery because I had an astigmatism that the lens could not correct.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Matzkin for restoring my vision to 20/20 now in both eyes! The beauty about the multifocal lens is that I can now see both distance and near without needing reading glasses.

Throughout the entire process he was very patient and extremely accommodating with any questions or concerns I had.

I would recommend Dr. Dennis Matzkin to restore your vision if you are suffering from cataracts or need LASIK surgery. You will be amazed at how it will change your life forever.

Rene Campbell

Premium IOL Patient

It has been a month since my cataract surgery with the ReSTOR multifocal replacement lenses and I am thrilled with the outcome! I now have great vision for near, mid-range, and distance – and NO GLASSES! In the days immediately following my surgery, I did not need glasses to be able to function without restriction in my day to day life. Reading for work and reading for pleasure are essential in my life. While it took a few days for my near vision to learn to focus well with my new lenses, and while I can see better in well lit settings, words on pages now appear crisp, bright, and clear. In my role as an Information Technology professional, I am working at a computer my whole workday. From the day that I returned back to work – even while my eyes were healing – I had no problem with brightness, contrast, or focus in using the computer and doing whatever I needed to do to accomplish my tasks. As an artist, visual accuracy and correct color recognition are so important. With my new ReSTOR lenses, I can now see shapes and colors crisply and vividly. I do see star bursts on lights that shine directly into my eyes, especially when driving at night, but these are not debilitating or overwhelming, nor do they interfere with me being able to see everything else that I need to see to remain fully functional. Best of all, I have noticed that with each passing day I am becoming less aware of the star bursts, or of any eye surgery related phenomena, and am becoming more accustomed to my great new way of seeing things!

While the cost of the multifocal lenses was significant, a future with perfect vision for the rest of my life is priceless! Thank you so much, Dr. Matzkin, for your expertise, skill, care, and the great outcome on my cataract surgery! Certainly this is one of the best investments I have ever made!

Susan Jalalian

Premium IOL Patient

I wanted to drop you a note about how pleasant my experience at Eyesight Laser was recently. Your entire staff, from the waiting area to the OR, were just great to my wife, Karen, and me. They were prompt, efficient and respectful during our entire treatment period. Thank you, Dr. D, for taking time to answer all of our questions about LASIK, explaining my situation and allowing me to make the decision that has allowed me to witness the world around me more clearly now! I can read the exit signs now from the Skycopter Lounge and I have not picked up a magnifying glass to look at my map since you worked your magic. Thank you also for the patience you displayed when trying to get those contacts in! You all are the best!

Capt. Herb Emory

Newstalk 750 WSB Radio - Skycopter/Skyplane Traffic

I wanted to let others know how wonderful LASIK is for anyone with a disability. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2002 and have had my share of ups and downs. This year, during an exacerbation, I lost my ability to use my hands. I could not put my glasses on, much less clean them. My vision was so bad the only time I did not wear my glasses was in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Any other time I had my glasses on. During this exacerbation I did not know if I would ever be able to use my hands again. That's when I looked to Dr. Matzkin to see if he could help me. I was fortunate enough not to have Optic Neuritis, which LASIK can not fix to my understanding.

We went in to see if I qualified and the wonderful staff was able to set up the procedure the next day. The procedure went great! Dr. Matzkin and his staff are one of a kind. They make you feel so welcomed and truly care about you. I felt so grateful to have Dr. Matzkin perform the surgery. It was such a wonderful blessing. My eyesight is great and I couldn't recommend a better place to trust with your sight. With MS you never know what's going to happen next, but I know you should never take for granted what you are able to do. And during the times when I am in the bed a great deal of the day, it sure is nice not to have to worry about my vision. So if you or a loved one has a disability of any type, I would definitely recommend Dr. Matzkin.

Katie McLaughlin

LASIK Patient