What We're Thankful For: Our Patients

Nov 05, 2020
thankful for patients
As we are surrounded by another beautiful Tennessee autumn, we are reminded that we’ve entered into a season of Thanksgiving. 2020 has brought unique challenges, but also many blessings. At Allied Eye, one of the things we’re most thankful for are our patients. We quite literally couldn’t exist without you!

Whether you come in on a regular basis for help with a vision issue, or only when it’s time for an annual exam, each of you brings something special into our practice. You may not have thought about it, but so many of you make us smile when we see your name on our appointment schedule. We genuinely look forward to the time we get to spend with you, hearing about your life as we help you see clearly to enjoy it fully.

Being in the medical profession can be difficult at times. It’s never easy to tell a patient that they’re facing a serious diagnosis or that we’re nearing the end of the list of options to help them. But we are truly humbled by the level of optimism and bravery we’ve seen in so many of our patients. Your strength has motivated us to face our own challenges head-on, and we are so grateful for the positive example you set.

Most of us work in this field because we find it rewarding to help others. It’s hard to explain the joy we feel when a patient’s face lights up behind a new pair of glasses, or when a cataract patient returns to tell us that Dr. Matzkin’s lens implants have given them their best eyesight ever. Great vision is one of life’s most precious gifts and it’s a privilege to be part of making that happen for so many wonderful people!

Thank you for trusting us with your eyecare. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you.

May this season be filled with happiness, abundance and good health.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Patient Testimonials This Holiday Season


"Efficient check in process, doctor was professional and provided a lot of insight on my diagnosis. Staff was customer service oriented and you can tell they have strong leadership." - Andrew Slezak
"I had my first appointment today at Allied Eye on Shallowford Rd. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Each person I encountered was friendly and informative. Every procedure was thoroughly explained. I had a very pleasant visit and will definitely recommend Allied Eye to others. Thank You for the Hospitality." - Jenn Jenn
"Allied Eye has the most through and careful eye exams. My eyes have never felt better thanks to the glasses they prescribed. I’ve worn glasses my entire life and they are by far, superior to other providers I’ve used.  I like that Dr. Matzkin is qualified to care for my eyes as I age. If you’re looking for a long time eye care provider, you won’t find anyone better than Allied Eye. And their optical shop has a wide selection of frames. The latest styles and budget friendly, you will find it there." - Allison Wilson
"Dr. Matzkin, It has been said that the nature of a person can be determined by the company they keep. Sir, around you is assembled dedicated teams of proficient, professional, and polite members. These traits were shown by each individual that made my recent surgery successful and pleasant. Especially the ones I had direct contact with but what must be many more behind the scenes. Facility cleanliness, maintenance and provisioning come to mind. I will hope my sentiments are related to each one. Thank you, Sir." - William Bryant 
"Thought my eyesight was leaving! Dr. Matzkin assured me, that was not going to happen on His watch....He corrected the things my eyes needed! Life is Beautiful and the World is full of such Beautiful Colors and I can drive at night again. Thank You Dr. Matzkin for allowing God to use You to restore my eyes!!!! Thank You." - Margo Jeffery
If you'd like to read and watch Allied Eye's testimonials, follow this link: https://www.alliedeye.com/testimonials