Dr. Kelly Herron's One-Year Work Anniversary

Aug 09, 2021

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Happy Work-Anniversary, Dr. Herron!

If you ask Dr. Kelly Herron to sum up her first year at Allied Eye in one word, it would undoubtedly be “lucky.”

Last summer, the optometrist moved to Chattanooga from Atlanta, excited to begin her new life in the Scenic City. Now, one year later, she has established herself as a beloved addition to the practice.

“This year has been awesome! And it went by so fast. I got super lucky—everything has worked out really well,” she said.

One of her favorite aspects of working at Allied Eye has been the opportunity to form solid relationships with her patients—something she was unable to do in her previous position as a resident doctor at a large referral center in Atlanta.

“I never saw the same patient twice there,” she explained. “It’s been really nice seeing the same people consecutively, to have my own patients and watch things improve over time. It’s meant so much to have people send me handwritten notes and take the time to thank me.”

Dr. Herron has been amazed by how much she has learned from Dr. Matzkin in just one year.

“He has so many impressive qualities. He’s great to answer my questions and take time with me. I’ve never met an ophthalmologist who treats and manages the scope of conditions that he does. He is really good at all of it. Most doctors I’ve met are good at one thing in particular, but Dr. Matzkin is great at everything he does. You don’t see that much anymore.”

Dr. Herron also appreciates how hard the Matzkins have worked to create an excellent clinic environment for patients and staff alike.

“Everybody in Chattanooga is super friendly and welcoming,” she said.

An avid hiker, Dr. Herron has enjoyed exploring Tennessee’s natural terrain. “I know everybody says how beautiful it is here, but I didn’t understand how beautiful until I got out this summer. I floated down the river, went hiking and spent time at the lake.” She has also fallen in love with Chattanooga’s incredible live music scene.

Dr. Herron acquired a new family member to join her outdoor adventures when she adopted Coco, a six-month-old black Lab mix. The pair’s favorite hangout spot is Play Wash Pint, a downtown Chattanooga park where dogs can play while their people enjoy a drink.

The management and staff at Allied Eye celebrate Dr. Herron’s one-year work anniversary Tuesday, August 03, 2021. The entire team is appreciative of all her hard work and dedication to the practice. We look forward to having Dr. Herron for years to come!

Dr. Herron’s First Year in Chattanooga: By the Numbers

  • Number of cups of coffee downed: 553
  • Number of miles hiked: 26
  • Number of puppy toys destroyed: 10
  • Number of patients satisfied with Dr. Herron's expertise: endless

Dr. Herron would love to give you your annual comprehensive eye exam. She is currently accepting new patients for a limited time so call or text our office to get on her schedule: (423) 855-8522.