Cataract Dissolving Drops (Hoax)

Jan 25, 2024



As we all know, cataracts are very common amongst our older demographic, and they are terribly inconvenient. You can't see well, everything seems dim, hazy, and blurry. It starts to interfere with your daily life and essential functions. So, it is very reasonable to desire an easy, effective solution to get back to clearer vision. However, be aware. Some things may be too good to be true. At the moment, there are multiple products on the market claiming to "dissolve" cataracts with just an eyedrop. Drops such as Can-C, Ethos Bright Eyes, or drops containing N-Acetylcarnosine(NAC) all claim to prevent and reverse cataracts by penetrating into the eye and dissolving the lens. Now, NAC has been shown to have antioxidant properties which could, in theory, slow down the progression of a cataract. However, it is uncertain whether NAC eye drops prevent, or reverse, the progression of cataracts. There is no research evidence to prove that it is effective, and publicly available studies show no change or improvement in patients using these drops. Furthermore, the drops are not FDA approved and could potentially damage the eye in other ways. For the time being, cataract surgery remains the only option for improving vision in patients with cataracts.

With the cost of these drops being high, and their effectiveness being low, it would be advantageous to save your money and pass on this potential snake oil. If you or a loved one is considering using one of these treatments, please reconsider the risks and make an appointment with one of our physicians at Allied Eye.