2020 Live Life in Focus

Jan 08, 2020

AE Jan. Blog

It’s a new year and for us at Allied Eye, there will never be an opportunity like this for us to make puns galore! Consider yourself warned, but there is only one 2020! Speaking of, there has never, nor will there be a better time for you to bring your vision up to 2020. Here are five things you can do now to give yourself the best vision ever in 2020!

  1. Book that eye exam. No more procrastinating! When you see well, everything changes for the better. Your productivity in your life goes up. When you can clearly see at all distances, you can act instead of trying to figure out exactly what that sign says or what your manager just wrote on the white board. If you have an expired prescription and you break your only pair of glasses, you’ll have to scramble to get an appointment and then wait for replacements. Imagine that problem while traveling! Don’t wait any longer – go ahead and mark this one off of your list.
  2. Transition to contact lenses. Do you think your glasses make you look older? Are glasses an aggravation for you? Contacts may be your solution. Contact lenses can now correct astigmatism, and come in bi-focal options, too. There is no excuse to put off this safe, comfortable solution to free you from your glasses. While you’re at it, pick out some fashion sunglasses, too! Give yourself the options to change your look and still see with 2020 clarity.
  3. Consider LASIK and wake up with 2020 vision. Now we are really stepping up your game. Eliminate glasses and contacts. Wake up with 2020 vision, see clearly in the pool or on the lake. Forget about eyewear. This painless and safe procedure gives you the real freedom you crave and the vision you need for career, sports, and leisure.  Call us and we’ll help you decide if LASIK is the right solution for you!
  4. Add a pair of blue light glasses to your work attire. Headaches… ugh! Your job (or your boss) might be a headache, but that tension behind your eyes might be the result of way too much screen time as well. Even if you don’t need corrective lenses, excessive time in front of a computer screen can result in eye strain, fatigue, and yes, headaches. Long term, other health risks can come up. A simple pair of blue light glasses can help you solve this problem. This lens in either a plain or corrective lens matters if you are in front of a screen for hours on end. Speak to one of our professionals to see if this is a good option for you.
  5. Treat yourself to a fashion upgrade. Okay, this one is self-serving. Since you wear glasses, give yourself the gift of fashion. Let them be a statement of your personality and style. We have a wide selection of frames that let you be you and that let others see you as you want to be seen. Our optical shop staff are experts in helping you express yourself and match your styles to your personality! Whether you want to be studious or fabulous, we can help. Let’s get your look up to speed for the roaring 20s!

Call us today to get your 2020 off to a clear start!