Alternatives to LASIK Surgery

PRK/ASA/Epilasik are different terms for the same procedure. Here a laser is used in the same way as LASIK surgery to change the shape of the cornea. The difference is that no corneal flap is created. The outcome is just a good as LASIK, but it is slightly safer for patients with thin corneas, irregular corneas, and dry eyes. Also patients that are in the military or participate in contact sports might elect to have surface ablation. The post-operative recovery is 4 days and there is more discomfort. However approximately 20% of Dr. Matzkin’s patients undergo PRK because he is a very conservative surgeon who avoids taking any chance of a short or long-term complication with the precious sight of his patients.

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

Lens replacement surgery is more familiarly known as “cataract surgery”. However the lens may be replaced even before a cataract develops or in the early stages of cataract development. Many years ago cataract surgery was performed only when vision was significantly reduced because it was a very complex procedure with a fairly long recovery period. With great advances in technology, the lens may be removed from the eye and replaced with a foldable implant through a very small sutureless incision within 10-15 minutes under very light anaesthesia. Recovery, like LASIK, is quick and patients return to their routine activities within a day or two. Cataract /Lens replacement surgery has become a refractive procedure to help patients reduce or eliminate glasses for both distance and reading. Dr. Matzkin has performed thousands of successful such surgeries and takes particular pride when patients are happy with their multifocal premium implants.

ICL – Intraocular contact lens is a very thin, foldable lens placed behind the pupil without removing the natural lens typically used to correct very high refractive errors in myopes/near-sightedness. The advantage of the ICL is that there is no permanent change made to the eye.

Which procedure is best for you?

Dr. Matzkin has been performing vision correction surgery for over 15 years. He is very experienced with all the latest technologies and has abandoned treatments like LTK and CK and Crystalens that do not work or don’t last. He has successfully performed treatment on many celebrities and world athletes, as well as other eye doctors, neighbors and family members. Every patient is different and Dr. Matzkin will choose the procedure best suited to your circumstances and visual goals. Sometimes a combination of lens replacement and laser surgery is necessary to optimize your vision. The factors below contribute to Dr. Matzkin’s decision. It is best to schedule a consultation with him rather than have any preconceived notion of what might be best for you.

  • Age
  • Eyeglass prescription
  • Corneal thickness and shape
  • State of your lens
  • Overall health of your eye
  • Profession
  • Sport or hobby