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Spring Cleaning for Your Eye Care Products!

March 23, 2018

With warm weather only a short time away, spring makes for the perfect time to declutter your home. Unfortunately, your eye care products often fail to get updated as well. Simply because they aren’t used as much as other items, or perhaps because of their durability, eye care products can tend to stay in the cabinet far longer than their original shelf life. While you’re taking the time to clean out your closets and dust around the edges, take the time to replace the following eye care products. Your eyes will be healthier because you did!

Mascara and Other Eye Makeups

Most mascaras should not be kept longer than 3-6 months. While we know that it’s tough to throw away a product that still has something in the tube, your makeup can hold a significant number of bacteria that can cause serious eye infections. It’s a much better idea to refresh these products regularly.

Eye Drops and Contact Solution

Once eye drops encounter air (after the protective seal is broken), oxidation begins to take place in the solution. This can decrease the potency on the medicine in the eye drops and irritate your eyes. It is best to use or dispose of eye drops within a 1-2 month time span. Old contact solution can be a culprit of itchy eyes as well, even causing corneal ulcers in some circumstances. It’s always wise to check the expiration date on these products to make sure that they are not out of date.

Contacts and Glasses

Spring is the perfect time to make sure that your prescription is up to date! Often, your vision can deteriorate and you can simply become accustomed to eye strain without knowing it. Regular eye appointments are helpful for to ensure that your vision is being treated properly and that any deterioration in your vision is treated quickly so that nothing gets worse. This not only saves your vision, it can frequently save on medical bills too. It’s also good time for a reminder that sleeping in daily contact lenses or using contact lenses longer than they are recommended for is just asking for a nasty infection or eye damage. Make sure to remove your contacts daily and replace them regularly!

Need another reason for that routine eye exam at Allied Eye? Your eyes are one of the best determinants of your overall health. A regular eye exam can help show warning signs of certain forms of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and much more.

Additionally, Allied Eye offers state of the art eye allergy testing so that you can make it through the change of seasons without painful itchy, dry, or watery eyes. We’re booking appointments now so call or text us at 423-855-2222.