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Now is the Perfect Time to Get LASIK!

September 3, 2018

If you’ve been considering LASIK, the waning days of summer present the perfect time to schedule your appointment. Dr. Matzkin has been performing vision correction surgery for over 15 years and is experienced with the latest vision technologies available. Our office does not use treatments like LTK, CK, and Crystalens that do not work and don’t last. Instead, Dr. Matzkin takes a big-picture view of your overall eye health. We ensure that you receive the right procedure to address your eye issues with lasting results. Often, LASIK is actually not the correct choice for vision issues, so we’re happy to provide consultations to ensure you receive the correct solution for your unique needs.

Dr. Matzkin has successfully performed corrective eye surgeries on celebrities and world-class athletes, as well as numerous other eye doctors and men and women of wide age ranges. Every patient is different and Dr. Matzkin will choose the procedure best suited to your circumstances and vision goals. Sometimes a combination of lens replacement and laser surgery is necessary to optimize your vision. We pride ourselves in having a consultative approach, explaining every step of the way to ensure you feel empowered with information.

Consider the 3 reasons below for why now is the best time for LASIK!

  1. You Still Have Plenty of Time to Recover for Fall Activities- Looking forward to football season? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to remember your glasses to actually see the game? How about being able to clearly see your child score the winning soccer goal? Corrective vision surgery makes clear vision a reality, freeing you to see clearly without being held back by scratchy contacts or frustrating glasses.
  2. No More Foggy Winter Glasses- Aren’t those minutes of blindness following walking inside a warm building from the cold winter air annoying? Wiping the fog off of your glasses is no help, because the fog just reappears. By that point, you might be getting back in the car again! Corrective vision surgery can help you to ditch your glasses this winter, ridding you of one of those pesky daily frustrations.
  3. No Squinting in Holiday Photos- Ah the holidays! Family time presents great moments, but taking off your glasses and having to squint because you cant see often makes for a strange looking photo. Corrective vision surgery makes it possible for your smile to be the brightest because you aren’t having to squint to see the camera.

When you’re thinking about your fall and winter plans, LASIK or another corrective eye surgery could have a positive impact on your life. We’d be happy to talk with you about corrective vision surgery!

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