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Halloween and Eye Safety

October 11, 2018

halloween eye safety

Halloween should be a fun time for kids and adults to enjoy dressing up, eating candy, and spending time together making memories. However, every year there are hundreds of eye injuries related to Halloween masks and costumes treated in emergency rooms across the country. There are many things that you can do to prevent eye injuries and help your kids have a safe night of Trick or Treating.

   Here are 4 tips for a safe Halloween:

  1. Avoid unsafe costumes. Make sure that all masks, wigs, etc. do not block your child’s vision and tie hats so they don’t slip over their eyes. Also, make sure that costumes fit correctly without dragging on the ground so that your child doesn’t trip. Finally, avoid props that are sharp or pointed, such as swords or wands that could poke your child or another child.
  2. Increase visibility. Make sure that children carry flashlights to make sure that they can see clearly. Add bright, reflective patches to costumes and Trick or Treating bags to make it easy for other people to see your little monster or witch.
  3. Have a buddy. Younger children should go Trick or Treating with an adult and older children should go in groups.
  4. Obey traffic safety. Trick or Treat with your child in a neighborhood versus a commercial area with heavy traffic. Do not allow your child to ride a bike or scooter while wearing their costume. Make sure that children know to avoid streets with construction and to use sidewalks.

By following these tips, your children can have a spooky and safe Halloween! And make sure that your child has their yearly eye appointment by contacting us at Allied Eye (423-855-8522).