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What Are Eyelashes Actually For Anyway?

December 17, 2018

If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes are the curtains. However, they are more than just pretty window-dressings, they serve important purposes. They reduce airflow, keep out excess moisture, filtering sunlight, and alerting your body to danger.

Reduce airflow – We, as humans, have naturally moist eyes due to the tear film that protects your eye, provides nutrients for your eyes, and refracts the light away from your eyes. Airflow can make the moisture of your eyes evaporate, while also blowing dust and other irritants into your eyes. However, your eyelashes serve to minimize the air flow over your eyeball.

Keep out moisture – Eyelashes don’t just keep your eyes moist by reducing the flow of air over your eyeball, they also serve to keep external moisture, like rain or sweat, out of your eyes. The curved shape of eyelashes help catch the moisture and redirect it away from your eye.

Filtering sunlight – We all know that UV rays can be dangerous for your skin, but sunlight can also be harmful to your eyes. While your eyelashes don’t filter out all the dangerous rays that the sun releases and you shouldn’t forgo your sunglasses altogether, eyelashes can help to shield your eyes from the bright sunlight.

Danger alerts  – When you see a cat, you might first notice their whiskers twitching. Similar to the cat’s whiskers, eyelashes serve as sensors to let your brain know that potential danger is imminent. If your eyelashes sense danger, just like a cat’s whiskers will send signals to the cat to move out of the way, your eyelids will react and close.

While your eyelashes make your eyes pop, they also provide significant safety benefits for your eyes. Don’t take them for granted!