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Eye Exams After LASIK

January 7, 2019

Dr. Matzkin is one of the most well-known neuro-ophthamologist in the region. One of the areas he specializes in is LASIK eye surgery, and our team at Allied Eye prides ourselves in helping our patients regain their vision through LASIK and Epilasik procedures. However, it is crucial to continue routine eye exams following a vision-correction procedure.

Often, patients are so excited about their new ability to see clearly that they forget that our eyes are more than just how clearly we can see. Dr. Matzkin doesn’t just check your vision when you come in for an eye exam, he also checks for signs of diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and glaucoma. It is important to stay on track, or get back on track if you’ve stopped, with eye exams after vision correction surgery like LASIK.

Even though you’ve had LASIK or another type of vision correction surgery, Dr. Matzkin will be able to ensure that your vision doesn’t need further correction if you adhere to routine eye exams. You may also experience dry eyes following surgery, and Dr. Matzkin can provide you with some solutions to help ease your discomfort and avoid any eye injury. Finally, even if you are not wearing glasses any longer, thanks to your LASIK, Dr. Matzkin can help determine if you need blue light filtering glasses to avoid digital eye strain.

It’s crucial to remember that eye exams are vital, every year, no matter how good you think your vision is or what types of vision correction surgery you undergo. Our team at Allied Eye would love to see you in our office – call (423) 855-8522 to make an appointment.