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“Could You Be Suffering From Dry Eye Syndrome?”

January 15, 2018
The old saying “it brings a tear to my eye” is supposed to have the connotation of beauty and joy. However, dry eye syndrome, which can produce itchy, burning, or even a gritty and scratchy sensation or excessive tearing and wateriness, is both a painful and annoying condition for sufferers. There can be many causes that result in this discomfort for patients. As allergens kick up in the change of seasons and in the dry air of heating units, our tear quality often changes. As many people age, our eyelid position can begin to alter by turning slightly inward or outward, causing the eye to water excessively. A very simple surgery can typically correct this. 
For some sufferers, a condition called conjunctivochlasis is the blame. This scratchy, gritty feeling in the eye is caused by the outer skin layer of the that drapes over the eyelid having excessive amounts of conjunctiva. As opposed to your eyes being able to refresh themselves when you blink, this condition causes further irritation. Again, a very simple office procedure is very effective for this problem. 
Most often, dry or watery eyes are simply caused by an abnormality in the eye’s tear quality. While punctum plugs were formally used to treat dry eyes, our practice is typically to remove these plugs because they can cause even excessive watering in the eye. After they are removed, Dr. Matzkin irrigates the lacrimal system inside of the eye to ensure that there are no blockages. The most common and effective treatment are special daily drops that Dr. Matzkin prescribes that alleviates this frustration and pain. 

Hear from some of our patients that Dr. Matzkin has helped with their dry and watery eyes!