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Avoid Workplace Eye Injuries

September 15, 2017


Have you ever thought about where most eye injuries take place? While you might think they mostly happen in sports, that’s actually not true. In fact, more than 25,000 Americans visit the emergency room due to a workplace eye injury each year.

As a result, the team at Allied Eye want to remind you about the importance of wearing certified and approved eye protection, as well as taking the proper precautions to avoid eye injuries while at work.

Protect Your Vision

Of the total amount of work-related injuries, about 10 to 20 percent will cause temporary or permanent vision loss. Therefore, it’s important to do all you can in order to prevent injury or vision loss from an incident at work.

First and foremost, you want to wear the proper eyegear for your job. While every job is different, there are some jobs that require certain safety glasses or goggles to be worn. Take some time to learn about OSHA regulations related to protective eyewear while on the job.

Second, you also want to be aware of your surroundings. Will there be dust particles on the construction site today? Will you be working around machinery in a factory that could possibly cause sparks? Are the sun’s rays going to be particularly strong today? You want to know what your environment will be day in and day out in order to know the best protective gear for the job that day.

When an Eye Injury Occurs…

When an eye injury does occur at work, action is needed as soon as possible in order to help save your vision and protect your eye health. As a result, it’s important to know the signs to look for when considering whether to visit an eye doctor.

Signs you need medical attention include:

  • Blood in the eye
  • A cut or torn eyelid
  • A foreign object in the eye
  • Difficulty seeing out of one or both eyes
  • Pain

Did you recently get hurt on the job? Contact Allied Eye for an appointment today to ensure there’s nothing serious affecting your vision due to the accident.