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Attention, Diabetics—Maintain a Healthy Weight for Better Vision

July 1, 2017

The team at Allied Eye wants those who are living with diabetes to enjoy a life that includes great vision! Unfortunately, sometimes in those with diabetes, elevated blood sugar can lead to blood vessels being restricted, which can cause vision loss.

But by taking steps to keep blood sugar levels in check—such as with a healthy weight—diabetes symptoms can be lessened and vision can be protected. Read on for a look at how to maintain a healthy weight—even if you don’t have diabetes.

How to Reach—and Keep—a Healthy Weight

First, add regular exercise into your routine. The best part? Exercise can be any type of physical activity you want to do. If you don’t like running, don’t go running. Instead, choose an activity you enjoy, such as walking your dog around the neighborhood, going for a bike ride with friends or attending a yoga class. Now that it’s summer, take advantage of the pool and swim some laps. Remember, the important part is making exercise a part of your daily routine.

Second, try to reduce screen time as much as you can throughout the day. Let’s face it—our smartphones have basically become an extension of our fingertips. Wouldn’t you agree? Now’s a great time to start cutting back your use of the smartphone—and all electronic devices for that matter. This isn’t to say you can’t use them at all, but you should try to limit your time with them. You can’t control the number of hours you spend sitting in a front of a computer at work, but you can limit your time with devices at home. And you can take regular breaks at work to walk around.

Finally, don’t skip breakfast. Just don’t do it. You need breakfast in order to wake your body up, kickstart your metabolism and keep your energy going throughout the day. Plus, by eating breakfast, you are setting yourself up for better eating habits throughout the day.

Did you know that systemic diseases like diabetes may manifest in the eye? That’s one reason why regular eye exams are so important. Make an appointment at Allied Eye so that our knowledgeable ophthalmologist can help ensure your vision and your health are in a good place.