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Are You Experiencing Eye Floaters?

December 28, 2017


Ever noticed some shadowy dots or web-like lines in your vision? These shadows can be quite worrisome and alarming, not to mention annoying, as they develop and increase in your vision. Sometimes these shadows can even take the form of a painful brief flash of light in your vision. Commonly referred to as “floaters,” this occurrence frequently occurs in people of all ages, particularly after eye stress or an injury. The floaters are caused by the gel in the back of the eye, called vitreous, undergoing a normal change called syneresis. This gel con tug on your retain and cause a hole, leading to a serious condition called retinal detachment.

Don’t panic-The positive thing about these floaters is that they are easily treatable in our office. It is incredibly important to get these checked, however. The longer these floaters stay present in the eye, the more that the vitreous has a chance to tug on your retina. Retinal detachment is far more intensive to treat than addressing the eye floaters early in the process.
If you’re experiencing eye floaters, no matter your age, it’s important to be seen by an ophthalmologist to address the issue as quickly as possible. Feel free to call our office at 423-855-8522 and make your appointment.