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April Eye Allergies

April 10, 2018

Struggling with eye allergies more than ever this season? You’re not alone! Experts like Dr. Todd Levin at the Chattanooga Allergy Clinic have called this season’s tree pollen count “astronomical,” going on to say that Chattanooga pollen counts have reached ten times the level that allergists deem “extreme.”

One of the first places that tree pollen can irritate in our bodies are the eyes. Red, watery eyes are one of the key indicators of both allergies and dry eyes. Dry eye isn’t simply a nuisance. It widespread pain that affects 20% of women and 10% of men in America and costs the United States healthcare system nearly $4 billion every year.
Medical studies have recently found a correlation between dry eye and the change in seasons, identifying late spring (when tree pollen is prevalent) and winter (when indoor heating increases dry conditions) as the primary culprits.
So where’s the relief? Dr. Matzkin has many approaches to help patients with chronic dry eye symptoms, from special eye drops to determining whether a greater problem, such as the eyelid, is causing the eye irritation. In the home, ensure your air filters are working properly and replaced regularly. It can make a significant difference in seeing the beauty of spring!
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